Essentially, Lennie and Curley’s wife come together in the barn because both characters have been victimized by Curley. When Curley’s wife starts to scream, Lennie covers her mouth because he worries “George’ll be mad” and that he won’t be allowed to tend the rabbits on their future farm. 16 students ordered this very topic and got original papers. Sometimes Ponyboy’s dreams are expressions of his hopes for his life, such as being back with Darrell and Sodapop and sleeping in a warm bed instead of on a cold church floor.

Old Man Warner, the eldest member of the village, despises any change of traditions regarding the lottery. He still incorporates a powerful voice, and no matter whether or not he knows why the tradition started, the villagers still hear him. Old Man Warner shows that when individuals are taught to think a particular way for his or her whole lives, they’re going to always feel skeptical of any change. Old Man Warner also shows how humans look to elders for advice on tradition, no matter whether or not they honestly are aware of it. Another example of irony within the story is what happens to another resident from the village, Mrs. Hutchinson.

The sunrise and the emotions it evokes in the boys provides a moment of hope and beauty in an otherwise grim tale. Ponyboy spontaneously quotes Robert Frost, and Johnny shows an innate understand of the poem. Though the sunrise is a temporary moment, it shows the boys that beauty can be found even in the most desperate situations and that dreams can become reality. You can start by writing a synopsis, which is a roughly two-page plot summary. Then try to narrow that down into a paragraph by focusing on the main events and key characters.

The juxtaposition between Edna’s frustration and her diminishing energy creates an image of a woman trying to push against the current of society, wearing herself out in the process. In the second-to-last paragraph, the narrator observes, “The shore was far behind her, and her strength was gone.” The shore, in this case, represents the rest of society. Caught in the waves, Edna can neither press onward in her rebellion or return to the life she has left. Manuscript Speech Manuscript Speech as a prewritten speech has been effective in delivery a sound, as well as perfect speech during an eve… Going further, it therefore becomes a necessity to learn ways or methods that can easily help one to identify the central Idea of a text.

For all her rebellions against society and attempts to discover herself as a person, she realizes that motherhood is not something as easily avoided or escaped as men. This final escape shows her choosing to end her life over allowing others to choose how she lives it, a final expression of autonomy. The boss’s son, Curley, embodies the cruelty of ranch life and creates the conditions that bring about the death of his own wife. Curley’s wife is lonely, but the ranch-hands are scared Curley will catch them speaking to her, which further isolates her. Curley’s wife’s loneliness and hatred of her husband cause her to seek out Lennie’s company; she respects Lennie for crushing Curley’s hand after Curley bullied him.

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Ponyboy is a boy dealing with very adult life and death events set against the drama of teenage social structures; fainting allows him to collect his wits during intense moments. But Ponyboy’s unconscious state also highlights the intensity of the violence in Ponyboy’s world by creating places of stillness in the story for the reader to reflect. Ponyboy’s moments of unconsciousness function as a way of understanding his character, the elements that make up his life, and the steps he takes to accept or change his circumstances. Most novels or other long-form work have more than one theme expressed in the story. Spend some time figuring out which themes fit your central idea.

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Let’s use Goldilocks and the Three Bears as an example. Be perfectly prepared on time with an individual plan. If you can locate the _ _, then you can also find the central idea. A classification principle is what the items all have in common that places them in the same category. Prewriting exercises are strategies to uncover information about your topic.

Central Idea Of «The Lottery» Free Essay Example

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